There is plenty of formula available for your baby in the market. Though there are different reasons why a parent might choose to give formula to their baby, everyone looks for the same thing while selecting the right brand – nutrition. It is important for every parent that the formula that his/her baby is going to consume is of the highest nutritional value and does not contain unhealthy chemicals or anything else that will affect the baby’s system. The safest thing to do is to opt for organic baby food for your child. Organic baby food not only keeps your baby healthy but also helps the body produce natural additives in small amounts. Most of the baby food that is available in the market may contain harmful chemicals, additives and artificial flavors that can harm your child’s health and affect their growth. Once you choose to go organic for your baby, the next question to answer is which brand is best for your baby.

One of the biggest confusions parents face while buying baby formula is the selection of the right brand. How do you know which brand is good for your baby? Having enough information about all the brands out there will help parents make informed decisions. Two of the most popular brands that are available in the market today are Holle and Lebenswert baby formula. Both these formula are not available directly in the US. Though most of the features in these two formula are the same, there are a few differences. Here is a comparison of Lebenswert vs Holle:

Holle Formula:

  • Holle was founded in 1933 in Switzerland.
  • It uses milk from cows that have been raised from biodynamic Demeter farms and follows strict EU organic regulations. This means that the milk that is used for this formula is sourced from farms that see the earth, animals, plants, and soil as one and does not contain pesticides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones, or any other unnatural synthetic additive.
  • Holle also has a line of goat’s milk products for babies who find it difficult to digest cow’s milk proteins.
  • Holle partners with dairy farms from the southern parts of Germany for both cow and goat’s milk.
  • It also contains a Stage Pre formula that has lactose as a sweetener and comparatively lower processed vegetable oils for better nutrition.
  • Holle contains a slightly higher amount of fat, about 5 grams more than Lebenswert in its formula
  • It has a wider range of products compared to that of Lebenswert


Lebenswert Formula:

  • Lebenswert, on the other hand, is a child company of Holle baby formula and was introduced in 2009.
  • The milk used for this formula comes from different farmers in Germany and Austria, who follow strict organic guidelines of Bioland farming. This means their products are sustainable.
  • While both Holle and Lebenswert follow EU eco regulations, only the parent company Holle has the Demeter certificate which is a major international certification organization for biodynamic agriculture. Lenbenswert is approved by Bioland which is another large organic food organization in Germany.

Comparison chart of the ingredients in Lebenswert vs Holle

Soy No No
Palm Oil Yes Yes
Rapeseed Oil Yes Yes
Sunflower Oil Yes Yes
Coconut Oil No Coconut Oil No Coconut Oil
Lactose Stage Pre Stage 1
Starch All contain except Holle Cow and Goat Milk Stage Pre and Stage 1 Not Present
Whole Milk/Skim Milk Skim Milk Both Skim and Whole Milk
Whey Has Whey All formula except for Goat Stage 2 and Stage 3
Prebiotics No Prebiotics No Prebiotics
Probiotics No Probiotics No Probiotics
Omega 3 Fatty Acids No Omega 3 Fatty Acids No Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Omega 6 Fatty Acids No Omega 6 Fatty Acids No Omega 6 Fatty Acids


Though there are minor differences between both Holle and Lebenswert, having the information about the similarities and differences in both the brands can be useful in making the right decisions about your baby’s formula.

Small babies have delicate systems that can react to harsh ingredients and chemicals that are present in any products that are given to them. The baby formula may be one of the first things that your baby consumes. You must ensure that your baby’s formula is safe and healthy so that it does not lead to any harm. Not knowing what your baby’s formula contains can lead to allergies, digestive problems, and other issues in your child. Narrowing down on good brands and then comparing them before you select the right formula is important. Having all the information on hand before making a purchase will help you maintain your baby’s health and give you peace of mind.