HiPP is a Germany based brand that was established more than 80 years ago. HiPP specializes in manufacturing and selling baby food like formula, porridges, fruit juices, and breakfast food. They also have a line of baby care products and adult cereals. HiPP focuses on creating products that are aligned with nature and are organic. Almost all of their products do not contain any chemicals and other harmful substances. Though HiPP is known to manufacture different kinds of baby food, their most popular product among parents is the baby formula.

HiPP formula UK has been created by HiPP Nutritional Science after many years of detailed research around breastmilk. It has a range of products suited for babies of different ages and needs. HiPP formula UK is made of organic skim milk. It is recommended by 97% of mothers in Europe. It is made from milk that is derived from cows that are made to graze openly and freely in biodynamic farms. The product is certified organic to European standards. The farmers do not use any kind of pesticides on the farms where the cows graze. Natural ways of pest control like keeping hedgehogs, owls and hawks are used on the farms to protect the produce. The cows are also fed only organic food in order to keep them healthy. The organic milk is produced sustainably maintaining harmony in nature. The natural farming methods adopted by HiPP contribute to biodiversity and gives a boost to the surrounding ecosystems.

Some of the features of HiPP organic baby formula include:

  • It can be given to the baby right from birth
  • It can be either given to the baby along with the mother’s breastmilk or just by itself
  • It contains essential minerals and vitamins that help in the baby’s calcium absorption, bone growth, and development
  • It contains Omega 3 DHA acids and Omega 6 AA acids that help in the development of the baby’s brain and eye
  • It is made of organic vegetable oils like palm oil, rapeseed oil, and sunflower oil
  • It contains prebiotics and probiotics that help in the development of the baby’s immune system and promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut thereby helping the baby to digest better.
  • It contains organic whey protein that babies can easily digest
  • It contains lactose, which is also found in a mother’s breast milk as a natural sweetener
  • It does not contain any kind of added preservatives, flavors or colors
  • It does not contain any kinds of added sugars
  • It does not contain any added peanuts or eggs
  • It is gluten-free and doesn’t contain wheat
  • It doesn’t contain soy and any kind of nuts
  • It is free of genetically modified substances, preservatives, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides and herbicides
  • It has a strong shelf life

HiPP has different stages of infant formula available that you can give your child depending on his/her age and needs. Given below are a range of HiPP formula UK products:

Hipp Organic Formula UK Product AGE
HiPP UK Stage 1 From birth
HiPP UK Hungry Infant From birth
HiPP UK Stage 2 From 6 months
HiPP UK Stage 3 From 12 months
HiPP UK Stage 4 From 2 years
HiPP Anti Reflux From birth
HiPP Comfort From birth
HiPP Goodnight From 6 months
HiPP 1+ Years From 12 months
HiPP 2+ Years From 2 years


The HiPP organic formula UK is easy to make and comes with quick instructions on how to prepare it. It can be made and stored in advance so that it is easy for you to feed your baby when you need it.

It may not be easy to purchase HiPP baby formula in the US because the product is not easily available in the country. As a result, you cannot just walk up to supermarkets and buy the product. You can, however, purchase it online from authorized wholesalers and retailers. You need to be careful while purchasing HiPP Formula UK online because many times there could be third party vendors selling the products and there is no way to know if the product is authentic or not.

Baby formula is an important part of a baby’s life in its developing years. In many cases, that may be the only thing that goes into the baby’s system until he/she reaches a certain age. It is only natural then that parents fuss over the right kind of formula to give their babies. Feeding the baby a formula that doesn’t suit its system can drastically affect his/her digestive system and impact the baby’s overall development and growth. Hence, it is important to do all the research you can before selecting a formula brand. HiPP baby formula is safe to give your baby and will only contribute positively in your baby’s growth and development.