One of the major decisions parents need to make when they find out they are going to have a baby, or have a new born baby is the kind of nutrition they will give to their baby. The obvious choice is to breastfeed the baby because breast milk has the highest amount of nutrition for a newborn. However, there could be various reasons why mothers are not able to breastfeed their children. The child may not latch on to the mother, there may not be enough breastmilk for the baby, or the mother may have to travel or get back to work soon after the baby is born. In some cases, parents have to totally depend on baby formula to feed their babies. In other cases, the formula can be given to the child in combination with the breastmilk. It is ideal to speak to your pediatrician before making any decisions though.

There are various baby formula companies that are available in the United States of America. Some of these companies may have both organic and non-organic variants of the formula. Most mothers will agree that they would prefer giving their baby’s only organic formula as it is believed to be free of pesticides, germicides, hormones and other harmful chemicals that may affect the child’s health and development.

Though there are many popular baby formula companies in the US, a lot of European brands are now penetrating the US markets. These are becoming more and more popular among parents because they are said to be organic and free of chemicals and are said to contain a higher concentration of nutrients. One of the most popular European brands that has come into the US market and become a favorite of many parents is the HiPP baby formula.

The HiPP baby formula is a Germany based brand that is European organic certified and is known for its biodynamic farming, stricter guidelines for organic products and the use of organic and GMO free ingredients. However, this formula is not easily available in the US. You will not find HiPP organic formula in stores anywhere in the US. They may not be available on Amazon as well. You will be able to buy these formulas only through a few online vendors.

The reason for not being able to find the HiPP formula in stores in the US, according to representatives from HiPP is because the products are not registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA is in charge of making regulations regarding the manufacturing and distribution of baby food like formula. There are various laws and regulations that companies need to follow to be able to sell their products in the US. All companies that plan to sell baby formula in the US are expected to register all the information about the formula, including the content of nutrients, quantity and quality control, with the FDA. Since the HiPP baby formula is not registered with the FDA, the company cannot sell the products in the US.

Another reason why HiPP Formula cannot be sold here is labeling guidelines. The US Customs and Border Protection enforce different kinds of guidelines for companies who want to export and sell products in the US. This means that travelers will be allowed to bring packed boxes of HiPP baby formula for their infants, but food distributors will not be able to sell them in stores.

As a result of all these guidelines and rules, HiPP organic formula products do not have an official distribution channel in the United States. This also means that selling these formulas in stores in the US will be considered illegal.

There is however some respite for parents who want to give their babies HiPP organic baby formula only. Though you may not find the HiPP formula in regular stores, it can be found online through authorized wholesalers and retailers like However, parents need to be careful while buying the HiPP formula online because sometimes third party vendors may sell the formula and there is no guarantee whether the product is original or not.

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