HiPP GmbH & Co is a Germany based company that manufactures organic baby foods. Founded by George HiPP in 1932 in Germany, the company made its first infant food from its parent location in 1899. With a philosophy of manufacturing products of higher quality in harmony with nature, the company employs approximately 3,500 people. The company has production sites in different parts of Europe including Germany, Croatia, Russia, Switzerland, Austria, Ukraine, and Hungary.

Besides baby formula, the company also manufactures more than 130 varieties of cooked purees and meals for toddlers, and cookies and soft drinks for small children which are mainly sold in supermarkets of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and other countries in Western and Eastern Europe. HiPP also makes breakfast cereals for adults and introduced a line of baby care products in 2006.

The ingredients like fruits, vegetables, grains, milk, juice concentrates, and meats used in HiPP organic baby foods all come from more than 6,000 organic farms and are put through stringent tests before and after they are manufactured in one of the company’s manufacturing plants.

HiPP Baby foods are pioneers in organic farming and ensure that all their products are manufactured using organic produce. They believe that babies need healthy food that tastes great as well. They work towards creating meals that are well suited for your baby’s age and ability to digest the ingredients. The fact that all of their products are organic makes it an added benefit. All of HiPP baby foods UK produce is grown in natural soils, free of chemicals. The management of HiPP baby foods is determined to ensure safe and nutritional products for babies. All HiPP organic products go through 260 rigorous quality and safety checks. Even the packaging of the products is sustainable with glass and recycled paper as the major packaging materials. HiPP uses FSC certified packaging for products that come directly in contact with the packing, like food, to prevent any kind of contamination. Even the ink used for the printing of the brand on the packets is mineral oil-free ink. The ink used for branding in the premium folding box is vegetable ink.

Many parents in Europe and the UK prefer Hipp organic baby foods and products over any other brand.  Their organic sourcing of produce, high-quality packaging, and sustainable manufacturing makes it a favorite among a lot of families.

Some of the benefits of buying HiPP Baby Foods products include:

  • The products are certified organic by the European Union
  • Hipp baby foods products are manufactured keeping sustainability, animal welfare and world resources in mind
  • All HiPP products are packed in a protected atmosphere
  • All products contain Vitamins A, C, and D for the development of the baby’s immune system
  • All of HiPP products contain additional vitamins and minerals
  • All products contain Iron for normal cognitive development
  • It contains polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids)
  • The formula manufactured by HiPP is made to be as similar to breastmilk as possible
  • All HiPP products are free of any kinds of pesticides, germicides, herbicides GMO ingredients, antibiotics, hormones and other artificial or synthetic ingredients
  • HiPP baby formula has a high Beta Carotene (70%h higher level) and Lutein (2-3 times higher) content
  • HiPP has different variations of baby formula for babies with problems like acid reflux, sensitive stomachs, gassiness and allergies
  • All HiPP baby formulas contain prebiotics and probiotics
  • HiPP baby formulas are said to have 50% higher levels of Vitamin E
  • The baby skin care range is free of parabens and PEG

Some of the most popular HiPP products include:

  • HiPP Baby Organic Formula
  • Baby food like porridge, cereals, and fruit puree in pouches
  • Foods for weaning babies in cute little jars
  • Fruit pots containing yummy fruit purees
  • Tray meals for toddlers
  • Organic cereals and breakfast foods for weaning babies
  • Organic mixed fruit drinks
  • Baby hand wash
  • Head to toe baby wash
  • Baby shampoo
  • Nighttime baby bath
  • Baby lotion

The features and nutrition present in HiPP baby organic foods, which is higher than most US-based formulas, has made it popular not only in Europe and the UK but also in the United States of America. Though the products are not easily available due to FDA restrictions, HiPP baby foods are getting very popular among expectant and new mothers in the US, who buy these products from different retailers.

HiPP baby foods UK has been constantly working towards innovation and expansion of the company to reach as many babies as possible. Their constant studies and efforts to ensure safe manufacturing and packaging make them a go-to brand for baby foods and other products.